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When you need to have the fastest, most reliable web hosting service in the industry, you need Web Host Pro, the premier web hosting service that puts your needs and the needs of your website first. Our comprehensive array of web hosting packages ensures that we can fit your current and future needs and we will grow with you as your business grows.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Web Host Pro was originally founded in 2001 as DHWS, Domain Web Hosting Service, under the notion that consumers were paying a premium price for substandard hosting services. Since 2001, we have grown into the highest rated web host and currently host millions of websites, some the biggest on the internet. Our hosting is based on doing what works without all of the fluff; we want to give you the best possible service, the fastest speeds and the most affordable rates, period.

Why choose Web Host Pro over our competition? The reason is simple; our competition is still using dated connections that can slow down your website and cost you customers. We use the most advanced fiber optic connections in the world and limit our servers workload to anywhere from 2 to 300 websites at a time. Compare this to our competitors’ totals of thousands of websites per server at any given time and your choice is clear. Our clients come to us for our world class hosting and stay with us for our higher standards of service. 24/7 support and a friendly, knowledgeable staff; why choose anyone else?

We value our clients and their particular web hosting needs. Contact us today and find out why we are the number one choice for business owners all over the world.

DWHS Domain Web Hosting Service (now WebHost.pro as 2013) was started in 2001 by two progressive webmasters that got fed up with web hosting services that had hidden charges and unstable networks. At the time web hosting had a serious need for services that where affordable and professional. So two webmasters from Los Angeles partnered up to make the best possible web hosting service with no misleading information and the fastest and most reliable network possible. Even today hosts still have these unrealistic offers to entice an uninformed website owner. The truth is, these hosts will have thousands of websites on one server. Here we limit our servers to about 2-300 websites (apposed to thousands like Godaddy or DreamHost). This means much faster and more reliable connections at all times. We also removed slow fiber connections from our network, and and new faster ones to keep our blended network the fastest possible at all times. Some of our competitors use these unstable slow connections as their main fiber! Simply put, we will always offer the best possible service and continually improve all facets of our web hosting service, all for the lowest possible price. More

Our network is not like any other. We do not just have redundancy, we have a lower performance drop off. This means when networks stop performing at the best level, they get replaced by a better faster network. After 10 years of lower performance drop offs we have compiled one of the best global networks in the world. In fact our network is faster then 92% of the internet according to Alexa and rated even faster by others. This is more then 3 times faster then our main competitors. Feel safe knowing your customers will be happy with a reliable fast connection that we guarantee is running 99.99% of the time. We also use custom white box servers that allow us to upgrade hardware as it improves. This is unlike most hosts that have servers running core hardware from years ago.

The majority of our servers are hosted in our premium data center in downtown LA. This facility is directly connected to the third largest Network Hub in the world. Currently there is a full 6000 Mps (6GiG-E connections) supplying our Data Center. In OC fiber line terms that is close to 7 OC-12 lines and 3 OC-3 line. The data center has connections to the best Internet backbones including Verizon, Internap, Level3, Global Crossing, and much more. By connecting to multiple tier 1 backbones, the data can be distributed through many sources globally. Still with the best network a good internet connection is only effective if the servers that are running on it. We build our servers with the highest quality Intel and Super Micro parts, we then monitor them constantly to ensure optimal performance at all times. We also share Data Center space in Canada, New York, and Texas for our round robin dns cluster

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